User satisfaction and autonomy

To guarantee a satisfying user experience of computer tools is one of your serious challenges. You have to develop user autonomy. These users wish to rely on a professional IT as simple and performant as their own personal computer.

HELPLINE guarantees an optimal interface between business services and your IT:

  • As a daily display of your IT;
  • Considering user typologies and their specific needs;
  • By delivering Level 1 and 2 Help Desk service (technical and functional) which takes into account usages transformation;
  • By guaranteeing homogenous services all over the country. 


  • A company DNA resolutely user-centric;
  • Methodologies, tools and technologies dedicated to user experience improvement.


The HELPLINE offers

Help Desk Service

Maintaining your IT at the optimal availability and readability for all Business services while ensuring a omnichannel and seamless user experience.
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  • Organize a single point of contact for users, which manages requests and incidents end-to-end (technical and functional);
  • Ensure Support from HELPLINE Service Centers or on your site with the same level of expectation;
  • Maximize remote resolution and process automation;
  • Optimize Help Desk Tools (ITSM, Remote treatment, Tele distribution, Diagnosis trees …);
  • Set up continuous improvement to deal with higher user requirement level.


  • Provide a service close to your sites thanks to HELPLINE sites in the Paris area, in regions and internationally.
  • A multilingual end client support ability

Key figures

  • 20+ clients in the CAC 40
  • 10+ languages
  • Capacité 24/7/365 Capacity
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Asset lifecycle management

Optimize companies’ IT asset management all along their life-cycle.
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  • Guarantee an immediate and exhaustive vision of all hardware and software;
  • Guarantee compliance of IT stock with company security rules;
  • Make a clear catalogue of IT resources available to users;
  • Industrialize your IT assets, their preparation, masterization and their first use;
  • Ease project renewal, roll-out and migration.


  • An end-to-end offer all along the user working environment life-cycle, oriented towards the real use that is made of it;
  • An industrial approach targeted to optimize costs (migration preparation, compliance…).

Key figure

  • 850 000+ workstations managed
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Develop user autonomy covering all the IT means and resources, thanks to a modern end client support channel, available 24/7 and multilingual.
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  • Have a simple and intuitive user portal available gathering all the tools allowing the user to solve incidents and assistance requests by himself whether they are technical or not, IT or not;
  • HELPLINE tools: HTS Self-help, HTS Virtual Agent, HTS Password Management, HTS Self provisioning.


  • 150+ ready-made resolution trees;
  • Personalized portals in SaaS mode, easy to deploy and integrate into existing intranets.

Key figure

  • 20+ self-service portals in production.
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Digital space

Offer an innovative space reflective the image of the company departments : HR, DSI, facilities
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For you DSI 

  • Allow your users to have a friendly exchange with support in a modern space;
  • Welcome users without prior appointment, nor prior case opening;
  • Accompany users in the new IT resources usages.

For your HR 

  • Facilitate the onboarding of your employees ;
  • Accompagny for the statutory training linked with your business.

Genally, it could be adapted for all the department of the company.



  •  Specialised entities : myConnectedCompany ;
  • Complete support : study, conception, implementation, exploitation ;
  • Adapted regarding the identity of the customer ;
  • Innovative solutions based on the latest technology (Apps, NFC, visio..).


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Mobile digital user

Taking into account new usages linked to ultra-mobility as well as the associated technical and security constraints.
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  • Efficiently design, deploy and manage mobile terminal fleets;
  • Guarantee the availability and information security whatever terminal used;
  • Improve attractivity of the company for newer generations by making modern tools available. 


  • An implementation approach which takes into account usages first before technological reasoning;
  • A proven expertise in the implementation of EMM solutions (Enterprise Mobility Management);
  • A know-how all along the project life-cycle (opportunity study, design, implementation and deployment, support and management).
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Information system performance

Raise the quality and performance of IT services day by day, by adopting the end-users’ perspective.
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  • Qualitatively measure the perception of lines of Business and of users in their IT use through a synthetic approach;
  • Set up a continuous improvement process of the IT Department’s offer to lines of Business services;
  • Identify savings potential on the operating budget;
  • Reinforce IT usages security;
  • Make Help Desk services proactive rather than reactive;
  • Prepare for future transformation and migrations (virtualization, renewal of IT stock, deployment of applications…).


  • More than 110 improvement axis in the catalogue (diagnosis, benchmark, project transformation, expected benefits, experience feedback);
  • An innovative measuring tools for work environment from the end-user’s perspective.
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