Tomorrows work environment

Windows 10, Collaborative work, Mobility, BYOD, Virtualization, Cloudification, safe work environment. The evolution of the users work environment has to consider new usages linked to digital transformation and allow to reduce friction between terminals and applications, themselves in constant evolution.

HELPLINE provides its experiences in the implementation of new work environment architectures, considering technical, functional, regulatory and security constraints.


  • A HELPLINE entity dedicated to the design and management of tomorrow’s work environment;
  • High level technological partnerships on the main innovations on the market.

The HELPLINE offer

Workplace automation

Design and implement a working environment that answers new users’ needs and usages. Having an adapted workplace environment to new usages (mobility, collaborative, open and safe…);
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  • Limiting friction between devices and applications to ease updates;
  • Ensuring Mastering, packaging and tele distribution with a commitment to results;
  • Guaranteeing Patch management and the securing of the work environment;
  • Set up system & application Virtualization.


  • A dedicated entity with sharp expertise on the engineering of work environment;
  • An end-to-end knowhow (design, deployment, management, end client support);
  • Privileged partnerships with the main software publishers (Microsoft, VMWare...).
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