Retail, Services

To accompany you in an innovative fashion in the evolution of your Businesses by ensuring a successful customer experience.

The retail and distribution sector is confronted to an extremely competitive environment together with a continuous and profound evolution of consumptions modes and a customer base ever more digitized.

The "digital-in-store", for example appeared to bring consumers new services (Contactless payment, choice assistance, shortened delivery terms…), customized offers and a reduced time to market for brands.

The technological environment is developing through the set-up of interactive booths, connected sales-people, and augmented reality among others. Moreover, with the fact that 30% of consumers abandon their purchase because of too long lines, the collection system is critical for a business.

HELPLINE, a specialist in the IT outsourcing of work environment and infrastructure, relies on many experiences in this sector. The HELPLINE teams contribute with adapted responses to your expectations covering all the operations that tie specifically to your branch activity, for instance on registers in your sales point.