Omnichannel & Self-services

The Omnichannel, for a seamless user experience
and a Successful End Client Support experience.

With the evolution of technological means, information sharing is gathering speed and is diversifying. The user has to be able to interact with the End Client Support, with the channel of his choice (phone, portal, chat…) when he needs it and depending on what he is doing. Furthermore, the support process has to be seamless. For instance, the user has to be able to open the incident from the portal, get progress information via chat, and close the incident on the IT store, without having to explain again the context or resolution intents already performed.

HELPLINE makes you benefit from its 3M€+ in an « All in One » platform: a omnichannel solution where all the interactions (voice, mail, chat, portal…) are managed in an integrative way and seamlessly.

The portal creation, a step forward towards digitization.

In the framework of the digital transformation of End Client Support for users, the portal is an indispensable solution as a complementary support channel.

In a context where incidents have to be solved in shorter and shorter deadlines, the user’s level of expectations are higher and higher. That’s why they have to be able to solve their problems themselves without having to systematically rely on Help Desk. In this sense, the portal represents the gateway to Self-Service/Self-Care solutions.

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