Ease the access to the digital lines of business

For many years, HELPLINE strives to make digital jobs accessible to all. Beyond diplomas and technical background, HELPLINE’s Human resources department is tuned in the know-how, personal qualities and the motivation of the applicants it recruits. In return, it’s about making them discover the wealth of the companies’ jobs and the digital sector.

It’s this responsible process which allows HELPLINE to muster a diversity of profiles and backgrounds among its employees and create jobs.

The Tremplin program

You are looking to have a career change in the digital field?
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Designed by HELPLINE with the support of the Employment Office and the Center for Engineers Higher Education and Professional Training (CESI), the TREMPLIN program is directed towards people who have left the job market and wish to reconvert into the digital field. Within the POEI framework, this two-month training is entirely free and allows applicants to be quickly operational to be then hired in permanent contract. A sign of its success, the program launched in 2008 managed to recruit 112 new employees as Help Desk service agents. HELPLINE has launched the 13th class of the TREMPLIN training in November in 2016.

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The Phenix Operation

Following a University curriculum, you wish to improve your employability?
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Created in 2007, an initiative of PwC France, the Phenix Operation allows graduates of Science, Arts and Humanities curricula to join a company through a work/study program.  In 2013, convinced of the interest of this approach, HELPLINE became the first Digital Services Company to integrate the Operation Phenix partners network. Through this commitment, HELPLINE wishes to encourage university graduates to better grasp the company world. Centered on innovation and continuous improvement of services, it’s also a fresh approach that challenges HELPLINE itself. This program has allowed to recruit new employees in the sales team and plans to train new applicants for the Human Resources department in 2017.

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“Working together” program

You are physically or mentally challenged and you are looking for a job offer?
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HELPLINE supports the “Working together” program


HELPLINE’s priority is to promote equal opportunities and to facilitate its news employees’ integration. The company supports the “Working together” program by Agefiph*, which encourages professional integration and lasting employment of people with disabilities in private companies..


Let’s work together !


HELPLINE ensures that disability is neither an exclusion nor selection criterion. Its recruiting policy is based on skills, motivation, personality and value that each of us can offer to the community. A disabled employee is welcomed like any other employee and will receive all the means to succeed and to blossom in his job.


Statement of Gregory, Service desk technician


« A few years ago I had a severe motorbike accident which has seriously damaged my sight. After studying my CV, a HELPLINE recruiter called me. I had several job interviews about its missions, then other interviews about the specific organisation of my workstation. I really appreciated the approach: usually, it takes 6 months of experience to get Agefiph’s help. And yet, I had my work equipment within 15 days and was financially supported by HELPLINE. The company trusted me. If I decided in the end to leave my job or if my trial period wasn’t validated, HELPLINE would have invested for nothing.»


*Association of fund management for disabled people’s integration

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