Business Support

Your business faces new challenges in an exacerbated competitive and disruptive environment. Business services have to be able to rely on an agile IT department that can make proposition to accompany them in their digital transformation, at the risk of growing the gap between IT Department and Functional departments with the development of a shadow IT.

HELPLINE accompanies you in the permanent realignment of IT Services facing new Business challenges, in an approach centered on users and their real needs. 


  • A pragmatic transformation process of the IT services in the shape of a catalogue for Business solutions (Business Desk);
  • A HELPLINE entity dedicated to services transformation projects oriented towards usages.

The HELPLINE offers

Help Desk Service

Maintaining your IT at the optimal availability and readability for all Business services while ensuring a omnichannel and seamless user experience.
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  • Organize a single point of contact for users, which manages requests and incidents end-to-end (technical and functional);Ensure Support from HELPLINE Service Centers or on your site with the same level of expectation;
  • Maximize remote resolution and process automation;
  • Optimize Help Desk Tools (ITSM, Remote treatment, Tele distribution, Diagnosis trees …);
  • Set up continuous improvement to deal with higher user requirement level.


  • Provide a service close to your sites thanks to HELPLINE sites in the Paris area, in regions and internationally.
  • A multilingual end client support ability

Key figures

  • 20+ clients in the CAC 40
  • 10+ languages
  • Capacité 24/7/365 Capacity
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Develop user autonomy covering all the IT means and resources, thanks to a modern end client support channel, available 24/7 and multilingual.
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  • Have a simple and intuitive user portal available gathering all the tools allowing the user to solve incidents and assistance requests by himself whether they are technical or not, IT or not;
  • HELPLINE tools: HTS Self-help, HTS Virtual Agent, HTS Password Management, HTS Self provisioning.


  • 150+ ready-made resolution trees;
  • Personalized portals in SaaS mode, easy to deploy and integrate into existing intranets.

Key figure

  • 20+ self-service portals in production.
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Mobile digital user

Taking into account new usages linked to ultra-mobility as well as the associated technical and security constraints.
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  • Efficiently design, deploy and manage mobile terminal fleets;
  • Guarantee the availability and information security whatever terminal used;
  • Improve attractivity of the company for newer generations by making modern tools available. 


  • An implementation approach which takes into account usages first before technological reasoning;
  • A proven expertise in the implementation of EMM solutions (Enterprise Mobility Management);
  • A know-how all along the project life-cycle (opportunity study, design, implementation and deployment, support and management).
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Information system performance

Raise the quality and performance of IT services day by day, by adopting the end-users’ perspective.
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  • Qualitatively measure the perception of lines of Business and of users in their IT use through a synthetic approach;
  • Set up a continuous improvement process of the IT Department’s offer to lines of Business services;
  • Identify savings potential on the operating budget;
  • Reinforce IT usages security;
  • Make Help Desk services proactive rather than reactive;
  • Prepare for future transformation and migrations (virtualization, renewal of IT stock, deployment of applications…).


  • More than 110 improvement axis in the catalogue (diagnosis, benchmark, project transformation, expected benefits, experience feedback);
  • An innovative measuring tools for work environment from the end-user’s perspective.
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